10 Stunning Photos of Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei

Enshi Grand Canyon is located in Enshi City, central China’s Hubei Province. The canyon is well-known for the karst formation cliffs and spires that command attention hundreds of meters above the Qingjiang River Gorge.

China in topography descends from the west to the east, and forms a three-step “staircase” according to altitude. Enshi Grand Canyon is sitting right at the end of the second staircase.

The vertical cliffs and towering spires of Enshi Grand Canyon are accessible by cliffwalks that are more then 100 meters high.

In addition to the Grand Canyon, also offer various karst landforms: arch/natural bridge, sink holes, cavern, sinking creeks/bogas.

Enshi Grand Canyon has a 10 km long earth fissures (large cracks in the ground) that formed as a result of soil surface tension due to land subsidence. The spectacular environment natures various rare animals and precious plants.

After 10 years of on-the-spot investigations, a Chinese-French exploration team jointly announced that the underground river from Fengjie Longqiao River to Enshi Grand Canyon which stretches 50 kilometers is the longest in the world.

Endangered and protected plant species such as dawn redwood (水杉), Davidia involucrata (珙桐), Chinese yew (红豆杉), ginkgo (银杏) and Chinese Bretschneidera (钟萼木) can all be found in the depths of the canyon.

There are quite a lot of species of animals in the canyon which involve 8 orders, 20 families, and 60 species of mammals, 7 families and 25 species of reptiles, and more than 130 species of invertebrates.

The precipices were like giant stalagmite stone fingers reaching toward the heavens. The compressive strength of the rocks here is 800 kg per cubic centimeter which enables them to stand upright for million of years.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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