11 Breathtaking Photos of Ranwu Lake (Rakwa Tso), Tibet

Ranwu Lake is a lake in Baxoi County, Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet, China, to the north of Arza Gongla Glacier, and to the south of Ngagung Tso, with an elevation of 3850m.

Covering an area of approximately 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles), Ranwu Lake is known as the largest lake in Eastern Tibet.

The melting ice and snow around the snow-capped mountains is the main water source of Ranwu Lake.

Ranwu Lake is famous for its calm water and blue color. There are very few sundries in the lake. The scenery around the lake is different.

The lake is within the historical region of Kham. The average temperature is 8.5℃, and the rainfall 849.7mm. It has been a famous tourist destination.

More than 200 years ago, a landslide occurred in the downstream area blocking Parlung Tsangpo, a river in Nyingchi, forming the current Ranwu Lake.

The water turns to dark blue, turquoise or any other colors in accordance with seasonal changes. Green meadows, white snow capped peaks, grey and white water birds, and clear blue sky reflect themselves in the lake water and form a charming picture.

It is easy for the tourists to discover picturesque scenery along the lake in different seasons.

The long and narrow Ranwu Lake is divided into upper, middle and lower parts, which are actually three lakes connected by little streams.

Apart from the natural scenery, one shouldn’t miss the local dances and local food delicacies.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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