11 Breathtaking photos of Xilingol, Inner Mongolia

Photos from photo.cctv.com

Xilingol League is one of 12 leagues of Inner Mongolia. It is one of the regions with the most complete preservation of Mongolian history, culture and folk customs. The grassland in Xilingol League is known as one of the “six most beautiful grasslands in China”.

The West Ujimqin Banner Grassland is the only area that brings together nine types of grasslands in Inner Mongolia. The grassland here is beautiful, the nomadic culture is distinctive, and the ethnic customs are rich. It is often considered the most beautiful grassland in northern China.

The ancient tradition of Mongolian wrestling, the melodious songs and colorful Ujimqin Mongolian costume all display the long-standing nomadic civilization.

Xilingol League is known as the horse capital of China. Mongolians believe that horses are the real masters of the grasslands. They followed the Mongolian warriors in wars on the grasslands with their sturdy legs, unyielding spirit, and loyal beliefs. And horses have made indelible contributions to the rise and development of the Mongolian culture.

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