11 Stunning Photos of Baihaba Village, Xinjiang

Baihaba village, known as “No.1 Village of Northwest China”, is situated on the natural border between China and Kazakhstan, at the very northwesternmost corner of Xinjiang. The village has one of the biggest community of Tuvan people in the region.

Since the village is only 3 kilometers away from the national border, tourists must get relevant permission before travelling to the village.

Baihaba maintains its ancient traditions, modest customs, a primitive natural environment and original features, much the same as they have been for centuries.

The residents of Baihaba are composed of Kazakhs and Mongolians. The Tuvan people living in the village are Mongolian and they believe in Lamaism (a Tibetan religion).

Although tourism now plays an important part in supplementing household income, many families still rely on hunting and raising animals for their livelihood, most of them enjoy living a life of humble simplicity.

A handful of Tuvan families have even opened small hotels or restaurants, where tourists can indulge in a brief taste of their rich culture.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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