12 Breathtaking photos of Fujian Hot Springs

Fujian has a host of gardens, parks and hot springs of different types. Hot spring is a kind of geothermally heated natural spring with a water temperature 5°C (10°F) or more above its surroundings.

Currently there are over 3,000 hot springs discovered in China.

Fujian province is located in southeastern coastal region of China with 215 hot springs. The density of hot spring is the third place in China.

The Tritonbay salt spring (65 degree) contains more than 30 species of mineral substances and microelements and is renowned the “NO.1 health hot spring”.

The outdoor natural hot springs lake (ages 18+) is not chlorinated. It is all natural water constantly flowing in and out of the hot springs lake, creating circulation and natural filtration. It is drained weekly, cleaned and refilled.

If you need an escape from busy city life, Xishan hot spring is where you can go for beautiful tranquility and absolute privacy.

Hot springs in Fuzhou were documented since Tang Dynasty. Bathing in hot springs is a centuries-old custom in China.

Xishan hot spring is surrounded by green mountains and clean waters.

Fujian gathers aromatherapy, wine rhyme, fish therapy, herbal therapy, and a hundred kinds of hot springs therapy for the tourists.

Fujian’s long history created a series of boutique culture like the splendid “Marine Silk Road” culture, the root-sharing Fujian-Taiwan culture, the long standing Hakka Culture, the leisure and relaxing hot spring culture, the well-known tea culture, and classic Red Culture.

Some say that taking a soak in a hot spring can help Hokkiens to battle their homesickness.

For hundreds of years, hot springs have been regarded as an invaluable treasure and have become a beautiful business card for Fujian.

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