12 Stunning Photos of Rime (Wusong) Island, Jilin

Located in Wulajie, a small Manchu town in the north of Jilin City, Rime (Wusong) Island is a small island on the Songhua River.

The rime (Wusong) phenomenon (ices formed on tree twigs or tree branches as a result of condensation) can be found along the Songhua River.

Be aware: Rime is only available early in the morning around 6/7am.

Claimed to be one of the four wonders in China, wusong is rare because some conditions have to be met for the rime scenery to appear.

Proper temperature that is under -21 deg. C, slightly windy conditions and early in the morning.

The phenomenon usually occurs between December and February. Of course, even then it depends strongly on the weather.

Zengtong Village and Hantun Village near Rime Island are good places to appreciate the rime scenery.

Wusong is a must-see in Jilin in winter.

To appreciate the beautiful rime scenery, visitors should experience three phases, appreciating the fog on Songhua River at night, the rime on trees in the early morning, and rime fall scenery before noon.

Please dress warmly because of the extremely low temperatures.

Generally speaking, the thicker the fog, the more magnificent the rime scenery on the following day.

Along with the natural landscapes in Guilin, stone forest in Yunnan Province and Three Gorges on the Yangtze River, Rime scenery in Jilin is reputed as “China’s Top Four Natural Wonders”.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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