13 Breathtaking Photos of Kanbula National Forest Park, Qinghai

Located in the northwest of Jianzha County (尖扎县), 131 kms from Xining, the Kanbula National Forest Park (坎布拉国家森林公园) covers an area of 39.17 square km. The park is known for its stone of Danxia landform (characterized by steep cliffs and a red bed).

Kanbula in Tibetan means the “fairy pasture”. The park consists of hills, eroded hillock, and small basins among mountains, with 50 tourist attractions, of which Danxia landform, Buddhist temples, and Lijiaxia Hydropower Station (李家峡水电站) are the highlights.

Unlike most other sections of the Yellow River (the second longest river in Asia), the section that runs cross the park is quite clear and green, like a jade inlaid into the mountains.

The Danxia landform is so obvious and noticeable that you would not miss it. In many places, the red stones are so large that they can reach a height of 200 ~ 300 meters (656~984 ft.) which is very rare.

Evolutions of geological environment over the past 38 million years can be traced here in Kanbula National Forest Park.

Danxia landforms are developed in the red stratum from Jurassic to the Tertiary period. Currently, there are over 400 Danxia landforms discovered in China.

There are eighteen perilous peaks in the Kanbula Region. Two of them, the A’qiongnanzong and the Neibaozong, are the most famous. Names of these mountains are mostly religious.

The religious culture in Kanbula has a long history. Kanbula is the regeneration place of the Tibetan Buddhist.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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