13 Breathtaking Photos of MT Siguniang, Sichuan

Mount Siguniang is known as the Four Sisters Mountain as it comprises of four mountains. They are Dafeng (Daguniangshan, 5025m), Erfeng (Erguniangshan, 5276m), Sanfeng (Sanguniangshan, 5355m) and Yaomeifeng (6250m). It is renowned as the “Oriental Alps”.

Mount Siguniang is the cradle of 31 species of birds and beasts like giant panda, golden monkey, and more than 1,200 species of precious plants. According to legend, the four beautiful girls fought bravely with fierce demons in order to protect their beloved giant pandas, and they eventually became four beautiful mountains.

Mount Siguniang is also awarded the title of “Sacred Mountain in the East”, making her a tourist resort, maze for walkers and paradise for climbers and photographers.

Due to the great differences in topography and altitude, the mountain climate changes significantly from the valley in the southwest to the main peak.

Mount Siguniang is mainly composed of sandstone, slate, marble, limestone and crystalline limestone in the Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras.

Precious medicinal materials such as Gastrodia elata, Fritillaria, and Cordyceps from the Quaternary earth can be found abundantly in the mountains. There are about 300 species of birds and 50 to 60 species of mammals including rare animals like giant pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards.

According to statistics, there are more than 1200 species of higher plants including 4 species of nationally protected wild plants: Sichuan Redwood, Picea brachytyla, Kingdonia uniflora, and Podophyllum hexandrum.

Mount Siguniang DaFeng (peak of the oldest sister) is normally considered as a pure trekking peak.

Peak of the second sister of 5,276 m or 17,310 ft is also challenging, requiring basic climbing techniques.

Peak of the third sister of 5,355 m or 17,569 ft is also not easy to climb.

Yaomei Peak (peak of the youngest sister) of 6250 meters high above the sea is the second highest mountain in Sichuan area and enjoys the reputation of the “Queen of Sichuan Mountains”and is listed as one of the “Top 10 Famous Climbing Mountains in China”.

The mountain peaks are covered with snow all year.

Mount Siguniang is renowned for its beauty. Mount Siguniang National Park was identified as a UNESCO Heritage Site as part of Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries in 2006.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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