13 Stunning Photos of Ginkgo Valley, Suizhou

Located in Suizhou City, Central China’s Hubei province, the Ginkgo Valley has more than 17,000 century-old ginkgo trees, including 308 millennium-old trees, stretching 12 kilometers.

The ginkgo is a living fossil, with fossils recognisably related to modern ginkgo from the Permian, dating back 270 million years.

The Ginkgo Valley in Suizhou is said to be one of the four most ancient and best preserved ginkgo communities.

Every autumn, Ginkgo Valley and over the Golden Millennium, splendid sight, attracting around a large number of visitors and become a beautiful winter landscape.

Ginkgo tree leaves change from green to yellow, and some had begun to fall, tragic and beautiful.

The Hu Jia He village is the most concentrated area of Millennium ancient Gingko community.

Luoyang Town is located at 113 degrees east longitude and 31 degrees north latitude. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and abundant rainfall.

The average temperature is 16°C and the frost-free period is 250 days. The semi-mountainous terrain provides the most suitable environment for the growth of Ginkgo biloba.

As the old saying goes, “one generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests”, and Chinese people love planting trees, for thousands of years.

People in Ginkgo Valley still live in old-style houses.

Ginkgo Valley is a piece of peaceful land, with clear ponds and gorgeous colors in late autumn.

It is definitely one of best places in China to view the seasonal colors.

Ancient natural beauty, ecological beauty, infinite imagination and joy to visitors.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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