28 Most Spectacular Night Sky Photos of 2017

In Tibet of China, nature looks amazing when it is lit up by stars!

About 26 miles away from Lijiang, Yunnan, the Lijiang observatory is within a village called Gao Mei Gu. Gao Mei Gu means “a place higher than the sky” in the language of Naxi people.

Suo Song village is in close proximity to the Brahmaputra River in the steep cliff. Aiming for nights with 0-50% cloud cover will yield the best results for the best photos.

Photo taken in March shows a view of the so-called “soil forest” in Duzhuang town of Datong county, North China’s Shanxi province.

Mount Gongga is located in the middle section of the Hengduan Mountains, and is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province with its peak of 7556 meters.

For those who don’t get the chance to travel to Tibet, the Zheduo Mountain in Sichuan is a perfect place to get some Tibetan impressions.

Situated at 4,280 m (14,042 ft) above sea level, Kangding Airport in western Sichuan Province is the third highest airport in the world.

Standing in front of the magnificent Meili Snow Mountain range, anyone can feel the wonder of creation.

Balang Mountain is also named Banlan Mountain in the locals. But in the Tibetan language, it is called Balangla, means “the mountain of strange willows “.

Wonderful starry night sky was seen over Pingtan, an island city of Fujian province.

Situated in the southeast sea off Fuding of Fujian, Dayushan Island is listed as one of the Ten Most Beautiful Islands in China.

Yading is a huge natural reserve home to three holy mountains: Chenresig, Chana Dorje, and Jampelyang. In order to capture this picture, the photographer hiked to the hilltop of 5,200 meters above sea level.

The Yangtze River Bend in Shigu, Lijiang, is the spot where the south running river suddenly turns northward due to changes in the shape of the nearby mountain ranges which form a mammoth V shape at this spot.

What are you supposed to do when you see a shooting star? Do shooting stars have the power to fulfill wishes?

The Shilin (literally “stone forest”) in Yunnan Province is a massive otherworldly landscape of karst formations over 270 million years old. But it is still very young compared to the sky over it.

Because of its high altitude and high rainfall, Yunwu Mountain was often shrouded in mist and rolling clouds.

Erenhot is one of the earliest cities recorded in the international paleontology chronicles for discovering dinosaur fossils.

Taigu county, built in Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24), has a long history with developed culture and business.

NGC 7635 also known as the Bubble Nebula is a HII region emission nebula located in northwestern Cassiopeia close to the border with Cepheus.

Every year from July to August, you will be able to find a mixed landscape of cave, waterfalls and the Milky Way in Guilin, a scenic town and one of the best-known tourist destinations in China.

Legend has it that on the side of this mountain there are nine horses, and that the more a person sees, the greater they will be.

A bright Perseid meteor decorates the sky over an ancient site in Gansu, a province in north-central China.

With the exquisite homes, ancestral halls and memorial archways as its most impressive embodiments, Hui-style architecture is one of the major Chinese architectural styles of ancient times.

Let the camera work! At this moment, you just need to look up at the starry sky!

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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