8 Stunning Photos of Stone City, Jiangxi

Stone City or Shicheng County (Chinese: 石城县) is a county, under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou, in Jiangxi province, China. The county is called Stone City because it is surrounded by rocky mountains.

The most amazing feature of Stone City is the hundreds of old maple trees found there. The height of each maple tree is more than 35 meters (115 ft.), far exceeding the roof of the local village houses. Together they form a live traditional Chinese painting.

In ancient times local people created the traditional Hui culture. With the exquisite homes, ancestral halls and memorial archways as its most impressive embodiments, Hui-style architecture is one of the major Chinese architectural styles of ancient times.

With a quadrate skylight surrounded by houses from four sides or from left, right and backside, these Hui-style houses can reduce the beat of sunshine and enjoy ventilation.

Stone City attracts tens of thousands of photographers from all over the world every year, who follow the light and come to record the fairy tale world.

Photos from photo.cctv.com

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