Sayram Lake – The Atlantic’s Last Drop of Tear

Sayram Lake is the largest and highest Alpine lake in Xinjiang, a vast region of deserts and mountains. It is also the last place that warm ocean current moisture of Atlantic reaches. Hence the lake is honored as the Atlantic’s last drop of tear.

The lake is 90 kilometers southwest of the Bole City, on the north side of the Urumchi-Yining Road, and is connected to the Fruit Valley of Yili at Songshutou in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It encompasses an area of 457 square kilometers. The fault basin is at an elevation of 2,073 meters. The lake, about 90 meters deep at the greatest depth, holds 21 billion cubic meters of water.

The lake is a wonderful natural water resource and is surrounded by lush grasslands.

Tucked away in the mountains, it’s secluded and, on occasions, misty. The surrounding snow-capped peaks and the dragon spruce plants (Picea saperate) on the mountains give a picture postcard feel to the area.

The scenery varies with the change in four seasons. In the winter, the cold wind stirs a boundless wave which splashes the bank, and the mist can even hide the snow-capped mountains.

Sayram lake is the must-see for tourists. The average transparency of the lake is 12m.

Sayram Lake is ideal for hiking, horse-riding or camel-riding.

The land near the lake is occupied half of the year by the nomadic Kazakhs for meadows but also Mongols in the region. They come to graze their sheep and cattle in summer pastures.

In the early years there was basically no fish living in the lake. In 1998 local government imported some species of cold-water fish from Russia and breed them in Sayram Lake. Now the lake is an important production base of cold-water fish.

Sayram Lake was also an important site along the Silk Road more than 2,000 years ago.

Hence it is an excellent place to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Xinjiang and explore the historical and cultural content of the Silk Road.

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